I know its shitty right now, and nothing i say can help you feel any better, but i just wana tell you that things wont always be so dark. Ive been where you are and although i still hurt from it too, it does get better. Relationships and pain go hand in hand, thats just life. But you are important and worth so much more than you credit yourself with. Anyways i hope your day gets better.

Thank you so much.

I know it’s not going to be this dark and I’m trying really hard just to pummel through it. Sorry that I’m spamming the shit out of my Tumblr with all of this. I’ll eventually delete it when I get over this.

You’re amazing, you have an awesome day. <3

dannys are the best tbh

im gonna purge myself of him deleting every song he showed me im gonna see if i can go out and party as much as i can ill take my friends invitations to clubs and drinks im gonna wear more make up and feel confident again im gonna be so drop dead gorgeous he’ll regret it


by Michela Picchi

i wanna drink until i die tbh i cant wait to get to LA and ask someone to buy me alcohol

this is so fucking hard putting everything away to give to him i dont even want to see him i know ill try to hug or kiss him but i know i cant i probably wont even talk just cry

he broke up with me last night

he broke up with me last night

I feel so pathetic I’m gonna cry 24/7 for like a month and my roommates are gonna fucking deal with it and I’m probably gonna cry in at least one class I’m so ungodly weak it’s pitiful

I was gonna surprise him today since mom said she’s taking me out to dinner at a restaurant next to his work I was gonna surprise him if he was at work i can’t make him happy I thought I did this whole time but it wasn’t worth it I guess

I guess I’ll still go in if I see him through the window I’ll leave I need a phone case anyways

i thought the dream was real im sobbing

Should probably tell everyone to unfollow me probably will be like this for a while since I’m becoming bitter lmao it’s probably for the best I do

but yeah sorry I don’t have irl friends at school to talk to and I don’t wanna individually annoy my other friends sorry


if ur looking for me i’ll be in the trash

wish he never existed wish i never wasted my time filled with so much regret two fucking years of my life gone and wasted with the mother fucker should have never said yes

Would losing me even be a loss?
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i was so excited for today cause its his bday and i wanted to celebrate it with him and i even thought the drawings i made for him were cute and clever but who the fuck cares anymore

i cant help but see him fucking some bitch its not like im special anymore its not like im worth it anymore the idea that i am to him will only kill me and i hate this i hate every second of it i wanna puke i wanna punch someone

shes probably prettier than me she’ll probably treat him right she probably will have a nice ass and and nice rack unlike this gross ass stick of a person shes gonna be so much better than me

im thinking of picking up smoking because its right there for me to start